August 7, 1943

Powder Bags Made From Only Silk
BOSTON—Ladies stockings have fallen victim to the war effort; all silk is destined for military use. The gunpowder bags used to charge large guns must be constructed of silk, as it leaves no residue inside the barrel when the gun is discharged. The synthetic fibers nylon and rayon could be alternatives to silk for stockings, but these resources are needed for parachutes, tents, ropes, tires, and other military applications. As a result, many ladies have turned to leg makeup to fool the eyes. Products such as Leg Silque Liquid Stockings, made by the Langlors Company here in Boston, can make the legs appear to be sheathed in stockings. Leg makeup is commonly known as bottled stockings, cosmetic stockings, liquid stockings, and phantom hosiery.

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