December 21, 1942

Prediction is 800 Million Pounds Short in 1943
WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Friday, officials from the Department of Agriculture announced the United States faces a shortage of fats and vegetable oils in 1943 of between eight hundred thousand and one million pounds for food and industrial uses. Products included in this group are lard; butter; oleomargarine; cottonseed, soybean, peanut, linseed, coconut, and olive oils; and tallow.  A primary source for vegetable oils was the Orient, which was cut off with the outbreak of war. Consumers will feel the impact on the table, as well. Yesterday, Donald Gordon, chairman of the Wartime Prices and Trades Board, predicted butter rationing is here for the duration of the war. However, Gordon assured fairness when he told a press conference, “We are not rationing butter in order to decrease its consumption, but rather to ensure that everybody and not just a few will be able to get it.”

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