January 18, 1943

Fate of Anthracite Strike in FDR’s Hands
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The White House announced tonight that action is impending by President Roosevelt to end the illegal wildcat strike in Pennsylvanian anthracite mines, perhaps as early as tomorrow. If the president follows his actions in previous labor-management conflicts, he will send in the armed forces to take over the mines. The case of this strike was handed over to the president tonight by seven members of the War Labor Board (WLB), which has been unsuccessful in ending the strike. The WLB members discussed the case with economic stabilization director James F. Byrnes and presidential secretary Marvin McIntyre, who then told reporters, “It’s been taken under advisement.” The news from the White House came just hours after the first local of the United Mine Workers to walk out on strike voted to return to work. However, other locals either delayed a vote or voted to remain on strike. The strike by nearly twenty thousand men began on December 30 of last year over wages and increased union dues.

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