April 12, 1943

OPA Sets Pricing By Grade
WASHINGTON, D.C.—New price ceilings on women’s rayon hosiery will be postponed until May 15, the Office of Price Administration (OPA) announced today. The order requires hosiery to be graded A or B by quality, and the price ceiling will be set to correspond to the grade. The postponement of the price ceilings was to allow its enactment to coincide with the recent production standards for rayon stockings ordered by the War Production Board (WPB). In announcing the postponement, OPA head Prentiss M. Brown stated he is “…satisfied that the principles underlying this regulation are sound and accordingly no changes in principle are contemplated…”, which led to speculation that regulating prices by quality grading could extend to additional consumer goods. Quality grading for canned foods has been the source of much debate the past few weeks.

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