October 11, 1943

Support for 10 Per Cent Levy
WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Ways and Means Committee member, Representative A. Willis Robertson (D-Va.), yesterday stated his support for a flat 10 per cent levy on retail sales nationwide as a solution to the administration’s troubled $10,500,000,000 budget. The 10 per cent tax would be instituted in place of the administration’s call for increased taxes on income and luxuries. The general feeling has been the administration’s plan was dead almost as soon as it was presented by Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau. Robertson stated “In my opinion, the tax program presented to our committee by the Treasury Department violates every one of these fundamental fiscal policies,” referring to his earlier statements outlining fiscal policies to stimulate production. Robertson went on to list what he identified as advantages of a national sales tax. However, it does not appear this measure would have enough votes to pass Congress.

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