October 25, 1943

Two Dead; FBI Investigates
EASTON, Pa.—The Easton Gas Works was rocked by a large explosion at 5:31 a.m. Eastern War Time (EWT) yesterday. The explosion and following fire, which raged for six hours, destroyed a large part of the plant, killed two people, and injured thirty-five others. The Easton-Phillipsburg (N.J.) war industry area is without gas service as a result of the incident. The Philadelphia office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) immediately began an investigation into the cause of the incident, according to Agent John F. Sears, who heads that office. Officials at the gas works stated service could be restored to the war industry area in three days due to the equipment for manufacturing gas being unaffected by the explosion and fire, but also indicated residential service would remain out for longer.

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