December 6, 1943

Brown Points To Be Given For Fats
WASHINGTON, D.C.—One-half pound of fat salvaged in the kitchen will be rewarded with one brown ration point. Stamps will not be issued for less than one-half pound, nor will additional stamps be issued for quantities over one-half pound. The brown ration stamps may be used for any of the products for which brown stamps are normally required, such as meats, butter, and cheese. The program was announced last night by the Office of Price Administration (OPA) and will go into effect beginning December 13. The OPA said the ration-stamp reward on the first half-pound is necessary to prevent housewives from needing to save a larger quantity of fat at home. The ceiling on the price butchers are allowed to pay for fats remains four cents per pound. Fats are needed in the manufacture of various commodities for the war effort, including sulfa drugs and glycerin for munitions.

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