April 4, 1942

All Consumer Goods Next?
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Last night, the Office of Price Administration (OPA) announced price ceilings on forty-four household electrical appliances. Prices are frozen at their levels on March 30 of this year. Included under the price ceiling are shavers, curling irons, waffle irons, toasters; nearly every electrical household appliance. However, acting price administrator John E. Hamm stated the stock of appliances on hand and currently in production is adequate enough that rationing is not needed. Hamm said, in part, “The action has been taken to prevent runaway prices in view of the War Production Board’s order of March 30 halting the production of these and other electrical appliances on May 31” of this year. The OPA also revealed it is considering a sweeping proposal freezing both retail and wholesale prices for all consumer goods.

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