August 1, 1942

Solid Fuel Switch Urged for Winter
BOSTON, Mass.—President Roosevelt today warned Easterners of a possible fuel oil crisis this winter. FDR stated eastern users must “…face realistically the fact that there can be no guarantee that he will get enough to meet even his minimum needs.” At the same time, Harold Ickes of the Petroleum Administration for War (PAW) warned, “It is quite possible that fuel and heating oil…deliveries may have to be refused to any consumer who is able to convert his furnace from oil to coal.” Ickes estimated there are 1,250,000 homes in the East that use oil for heating. A joint campaign between government and industry will urge Easterners to convert from heating oil to coal or other solid fuel. In Boston, F.L. Higginson, director of the Petroleum Service and Supply Division of the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, put it in perspective when he said today, “If you burn oil, get an axe.”

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