September 5, 1942

Shortfall in War Industries
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The War Manpower Commission (WMC) revealed yesterday that a dramatic increase in the number of women war workers is needed by the end of 1943. According to WMC chairman Paul V. McNutt, “War production…employed about 1,400,000 women last December. This figure will jump to 4,500,000 by December, 1942…”. He went on to say this figure must increase to 6,000,000 by the end of 1943, “…so 5,000,000 women must be added to the total number now employed.” McNutt has created a commission to examine issues and policies related to recruiting women into war industries and the training required as they enter. He stated, “Increased participation of women in our all-out war production effort is essential to its success.”

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