October 17, 1942

Girl 17-Year-Old Waitress
HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Star of the silver screen, Errol Flynn was arrested yesterday along with three others and charged with raping 17-year-old waitress Betty Hansen, originally of Lincoln, Nebr. Flynn and the others posted one thousand dollars each for bail. A hearing is pending for Flynn on October 28. Miss Hansen, an aspiring actress, claims that at a dinner party on 27 September of this year she met Flynn, and he told her he “…was very fond of me and would get me a job…” and, after the bedding, “…he said he would call me the next night.” Miss Hansen said he never called. Flynn tells a different story: “I hardly spoke to the girl, and I certainly did not harm her.” Miss Hansen stated she willingly had relations with the four men. California law dictates sex with a girl under the age of eighteen is rape regardless if it was consensual. The complaint was not brought by Miss Hansen, but rather her sister.

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