November 21, 1942

Almost Half of Nation’s Supply
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The government last night ordered forty per cent of the current butter storage supply be frozen for purchase by the government. The freeze order went into effect last night and will remain in effect until March 6, 1943. The move is intended to ensure the needs of the armed forces and lend-lease commitments will be met. The War Production Board (WPB) indicated the armed forces have experienced difficulties in obtaining sufficient supplies of butter, stating in part “…this situation requires prompt and drastic action.” The order affects between thirty and thirty-five thousand pounds of butter. The WPB stated the impact on civilian supply will not likely be realized until January next. A spokesman for the WPB Office of Civilian Supply, Dr. Roland Vaile, estimated that the per capita civilian butter consumption will not be less than fifteen pounds per year and would not “…necessitate rationing immediately.”

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