March 12, 1943

Meats, Cheeses, Fats, and Others
WASHINTON, D.C.—Secretary of Agriculture Claude Wickard, head of the War Foods Administration (WFA), last night announced rationing has been ordered for meats, butter, cheeses, canned fish, and edible oils to be effective by April 1 of this year. The allotment of meat was not specified, but Wickard speculated it would be “…in the neighborhood of two pounds, more or less…” weekly per person. On the other hand, some ration foods will be reduced in points, which will allow more of these items to be purchased. Prentiss Brown, chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), indicated supplies of coffee, beans, peas, and lentils have increased, thus allowing the reduction in points. Brown stated it is the OPA’s policy to reduce the restrictions on rationed items “…wherever and just as soon as circumstances permit.”

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