November 25, 1942

Traitors Aided Nazi Saboteur
CHICAGO, Ill.—Three German-Americans were sentenced to death today for aiding the Nazi saboteur Herbert Haupt. The date of execution has been set as January 22 next. The three men are Max Haupt, father of the saboteur, Walter Wilhelm Froehling, and Otto Wergin. The wives of the three men were spared the electric chair with twenty-five year sentences. The three women are Erna Haupt, mother of the saboteur, Kate Wergin, aunt of the saboteur, and Lucille Froehling. In handing down the sentences, Judge William J. Campbell said the defendants "...deliberately and in secret, under the cloak of American citizenship, as agents and helpers of the saboteur, schemed and connived to destroy their neighbors and this nation." Lawyer for the defendants, Paul Warnholtz, said he would appeal the convictions to the Supreme Court, if needed.

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