February 3, 1943

Rationing Begins March 1
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) last night announced the public sale of canned fruits and vegetables will cease on February 20. Sale of these items will begin again under a strict rationing system on March 1. The move has been expected for months as the needs of the armed forces and lend-lease program continue to increase. Also falling under the OPA order are some frozen foods, including vegetables and fruits; dried fruits; canned soups; and canned baby foods. The rationing system for the goods covered by this order is of a dual nature. The consumer will pay not only a cash price, but also a “price” in ration coupons for these items. The public may begin registering for the new ration beginning February 20 when public sale of these items ends through March 1 when the new system begins.

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