March 31, 1943

OPA Reports Fake Coupons Found
PITTSBURGH, Penn.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) is warning of counterfeit gasoline ration coupons have been found in many areas, including throughout the Pittsburgh region. The Pittsburgh OPA board confirmed this yesterday. Local board officer Louis G. Feldman indicated OPA investigators are looking throughout the Pittsburgh region for counterfeit stamps, but declined to give specifics. OPA officials are asking gasoline dealers to compare ration coupons from customers to known legitimate coupons. Counterfeit coupons are likely to be different in shade of color and may have incorrect or inconsistent wording. In other news related to gas rationing, Harold Ickes of the Petroleum Administration for War (PAW) has said his office has recommended to the OPA that five towns, one in West Virginia and four in western Pennsylvania, be categorized as falling under Midwestern rationing. If approved, drivers in those towns would receive five gallons of gas per week instead of the three Easterners receive.

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