August 4, 1943

6.5M Could Be Reclassified Eligible
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Paul V. McNutt, head of the War Manpower Commission (WMC), on Monday issued authorization to local draft boards to begin reclassifying fathers of children born before September 15, 1942, as eligible for selective service. This move will affect 6,599,000 men currently classified as III-A. These men will be available for the draft beginning October 1 of this year. It is estimated around 300,000 men will be needed from this pool to fulfill the military’s needs in October, November, and December of this year. There is opposition in Congress to the reclassification. Two bills are currently under review that would address the issue, but Congress is not in session and would only have sixteen days after the recess to act before the drafting commences.

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