September 22, 1943

States Not Meeting Drive Goals
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Department of the Treasury reported yesterday that the quota for the Third War Loan, or war bond drive, is not being met at the state or national level. Only one state is meeting its quota: Maryland is at one hundred seven per cent of quota. Rhode Island is near quota at ninety-eight per cent. Six other states are in the range of seventy to ninety per cent of quota. Arkansas is the lowest in sales at only thirty-one per cent of quota with Idaho and New Mexico in similarly low standing at thirty-six per cent of quota. Daily bond sales dropped yesterday to $425,000,000, which was the thirteenth day of the drive. The drive remains $3, 830,000,000 short of the $15,000,000,000 goal. The Department of the Treasury is calling for those who would buy a small value of bonds to increase their participation in the drive to help meet the goal.

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