January 26, 1944

National 35 M.P.H. Limit Not Obeyed
LAFAYETTE, Ind.—A study released yesterday by Purdue University shows the national 35-mile-per-hour speed limit is not being obeyed by the average driver. Average speeds have been reduced by rationing and the speed limit, but the study shows car drivers average 43.32 M.P.H. and truck drivers average 40.14 M.P.H during the current rationing period. Before the national speed limit was in place, car drivers averaged 49.56 M.P.H. and truck drivers averaged 41.20 M.P.H. The study also showed the average speed is affected by gasoline rationing. When the weekly ration is three gallons, the average speed was at its lowest, 41.82 M.P.H. for cars and 39.34 M.P.H. for trucks. The report was presented at the 30th annual Purdue road school.

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