February 9, 1944

Is Reserve Held by WFA
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The War Food Administration (WFA) is attempting to hold 20,000,000 pounds of butter in reserve in anticipation of future needs by several areas. These areas include the military, relief agencies outside the United States, allies participating in the lend-lease program, and civilians here in the United States. There have been reports nearly 130,000,000 pounds of butter were held by the government on February 1 with additional stocks in route from Argentina. The WFA claims all of that butter has been allocated with the exception of the amount it wishes to keep in reserve. The current stockpile is the result of purchases during last season’s heavy production time. The WFA insists if it is released now, the government would have to increase purchases this season, starting in April, resulting in less butter available for civilian use.

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