April 6, 1944

New Plants Set to Open
CLEVELAND, O.—Reported yesterday by Dr. Robert D. Coghill of the United States Department of Agriculture, penicillin production will soon be nine pounds per month as twenty-one new manufacturing facilities open across the United States and Canada. This level of output will be sufficient for military uses, but not for civilian use. Output of nine pounds per month will provide treatment for only 250,000 cases of severe illness per month or ten times that number of mild infections, such as gonorrhea. Current production status allows treatment of only 40,000 cases of severe illness per month, one hundred folder greater than one year ago. Last year there was only one method of producing penicillin, now there are three methods and the drug can be produced in vats instead of bottles. The cost of the new production facilities is reported to be $20,000,000.

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