August 21, 1943

Production of Ball Centers Banned
ST. PETERSBURG, FLA—The War Production Board (WPB) has prohibited the production of golf balls for the duration of the war because the ball centers, called pills, are made of rubber thread. Likewise, manufacture of baseball centers—made of cork and rubber—has been prohibited. As reported in the St. Petersburg Times, this has left golf ball manufacturers with 720,000 pills in inventory. The WPB has approved of manufacturing baseballs with the inventory of golf ball pills. Eighty per cent of existing traditional baseballs have been purchased by the War Department, leaving about 120,000 for civilian use. Defense plants will have first choice, followed by schools and then major league baseball teams. Regarding traditional baseballs, the WPB order concludes, “none will be left for sandlot play.” Major league baseball requires about 180,000 baseballs a year and will have to use the new balls.

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