October 26, 1942

WW I Ace and Crew Missing Over 60 Hours
HONOLULU, H.I.—Famed World War One ace Captain Eddie Rickenbacker is missing after his plane went down in the waters around Hawaii, the War Department announced yesterday. The last communiqué from the aircraft, which flew out of Oahu, was on Wednesday evening, when it appeared to be lost. As of last night, no trace had been found of Rickenbacker or any of his crew after three days of intensive searching. Rickenbacker’s wife remains hopeful he will be found: “Eddie will turn up. He’s too old a hand to get lost in any airplane now.” On February 27, 1941, Rickenbacker survived an Eastern Airlines plane crash near Atlanta, Georgia, that killed eight persons. Rickenbacker is the president of Eastern Airlines. In World War One, Rickenbacker was credited with shooting down twenty-one German aircraft.

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