October 19, 1942

OPA Issues Warning Regarding Price Changes
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) yesterday announced it will set a price ceiling on rayon hosiery soon.  It also warned those involved in the manufacturing, production, or wholesaling of rayon hosiery not to suggest retail prices without providing retailers notice that prices may not be changed unless they do not exceed to the price ceiling. Retailers were told they cannot be required to buy heavier styles in order to obtain finer goods. The OPA statement read in part, “There is no excuse for any increase in prices of rayon hosiery. Prices of rayon yarn have been stabilized since October, 1941…”. The OPA will consider the prevailing rayon hosiery price in March of this year when setting the price ceiling. It further states that “…any unjustifiably high prices which exist will be leveled off.”

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