October 12, 1942


Marines Receive Commendations, Not Reprimands
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Announced today, four marines aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown rescued five sailors in June of this year after the vessel was hit by a torpedo in the Battle of Midway,  but leave $500,000 in cash behind on the deck of the carrier as it sank. Marines Pfc. Peter Shultz, Sgt. P.E. Canton, Cpl. Peter Kikos, and Pfc. Stanley Kozloski had been entrusted with some record books and the half million dollars by a chief petty officer. The marines lowered the officer and record books into a lifeboat when a boatswain’s mate alerted them of the five sailors in trouble below deck. The money was left on the deck as the marines rushed to aid the sailors. Shultz has been recommended for a citation for putting his own life-jacket on one of the sailors and jumping into the water to guide him to a rescue boat. The money was not recovered.

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