October 4, 1942


Worlds Fair Parking Lot Filled in Queens
NEW YORK, N.Y.—The former parking lot for the Worlds Fair in the New York City Borough of Queens was filled with scrap metal yesterday. Mayor Fiorello La Guardia stated this collection point had taken in 13,365,400 pounds—6,682 tons—of scrap in just one day. The four collection points in Queens totaled 15,300 tons for the day, or about 23 2/3 pounds per capita. A total of 1,135 trucks were needed to haul away all of the scrap. The overwhelming response pushed the limits of the collection points, and allocations were made to extend the drive today at additional collection points. The Department of Purchase acted quickly to move the metal on to war industries. Mayor La Guardia said monies the city receives for the scrap will be used to bolster the city’s civilian defense efforts. The scrap drive was sponsored by New York City newspapers.

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