September 28, 1942

Plan Divides Season into Five Periods
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) announced today the new plan for rationing of fuel oil. The plan divides the heating season into five periods. Dividing the season, the OPA says, will allow homeowners to budget their rations to match the typical rise and fall of temperatures. The specific dates of periods will be slightly different in the four so-called thermal zones established across the nation. At this point, dates for the five periods are tentative, but October 1 is considered the start of the heating season. Coupons will be issued for each period, numbered one through five, and will be valid only in the specified period. However, coupons may be borrowed from the next period in the event of a cold snap. The gallonage allotment per coupon for the next period will then be adjusted to compensate.

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