November 30, 1942

FDR Loses Part of Requested War Powers
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congress rejected and stripped from President Roosevelt’s requested wartime powers the authorization to suspend current regulations on immigration and tariffs, despite assurances from officials “…there was no desire or intention to bring any persons into the country that are now restricted by immigration laws for permanent residence and only those vitally needed for the war effort on a temporary basis,” as reported by  Representative Jere Cooper (D– Tenn.), chairman of the house ways and means sub-committee that rejected the requested power. Members of the War, Navy, and Justice Departments, the Board of Economic Warfare, and the Tariff Commission testified before the sub-committee. FDR had asked Congress for this authority in order to allow the free movement of persons, property, and information into and out of this country as needed to execute the war effort.

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