December 7, 1942

Tasked to Control Production and Rationing

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Roosevelt named Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard Food Administrator last night with orders to “assume full responsibility for and control over the nation's food program.” Included under this umbrella is the rationing of food, however the Office of Price Administration (OPA) will continue to administer the rationing program. Wickard, who was raised on a farm in Indiana, believes bread bears equally with bullets in winning the war. He stated  “…good food and plenty of it is one of the best missionaries for democracy that I know of.” He went on to say that a failure to produce as much as possible would be “…nothing short of tragedy.” Wickard estimates that up to twenty-five per cent of next year’s food output will be required for the lend-lease program and the armed forces. Wickard’s new responsibilities were previously under the oversight of the War Production Board (WPB).

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