March 29, 1943

Shortages Faced Across Nation
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today marks the start of meat rationing nationwide, but many areas face shortages due to insufficient supply to provide for the demand. The shortage is attributed to two primary factors, the first being hoarding. The second primary factor is the fact that approximately thirty per cent of current slaughterhouse output is destined for non-civilian use. Hoarding will be eliminated with the institution today of rationing, but the Office of Price Administration (OPA) warns it will take about two weeks for the rationing system to result in a spreading of meat supply to alleviate shortages. Red coupons from War Ration Book No. 2 are required to purchased meats, cheese, bread spreads, and shortenings. New point values also go into effect today for various canned goods, but some products in the fats-and-oils category are returning to shelves after a one-week freeze.

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