March 22, 1943

No Warning from OPA
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) yesterday announced without warning that the retail sale of butter, margarine, lard, and other edible fats and oils will be banned  for one week beginning at 12:01 this morning. The ban is in effect until 12:01 March 29, when these items will be regulated by rationing, as will meats, cheese, and canned fish. The OPA said the ban was needed because there is insufficient food stocks “…to support heavy public buying during the one week remaining before rationing.” The ban was announced at 3 p.m. Eastern War Time yesterday to balance the risk of a “short run” on the few stores open on Sunday and the need to inform the more than six hundred thousand stores nationwide of the ban by the time it went into effect today. Restaurants are not affected by the ban.

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