March 15, 1943

WPB Promises Supply of Lids and Rings
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The War Production Board (WPB) today made assurances to housewives of an adequate supply of metal closures and rubber rings for the glass containers essential to home canning. Additionally, the director of the WPB containers division, Roswell C. Mower, announced the development of what he calls a “virtually fool-proof” closure. The new closure consists of a glass lid, a rubber ring, and a metal band with a screw mechanism that holds the lid in place. The new closer is being manufactured in large quantities for the first time. However, to ensure supply of conventional closures for glass jars, the WPB removed all quota restrictions on the manufacture of metal lids. Use of zinc in the manufacture, however, is still prohibited. This year marks an expansion of the canning program.

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