March 8, 1943

Admiral Also Denounces Absenteeism
HONOLULU, H.I.—Vice Admiral Robert Lee Ghormley yesterday denounced war workers who engage in absenteeism. He further challenged workers to reflect on their own ethic to contemplate if they are slacking on the job. He stated, in part, “Slacking may cost some man his life. If there be one among you who has not given his best…let the knowledge of this fault rest in his own soul…such knowledge in the heart of any man…will shame him into doing his best.” Ghormley’s comments came at a ceremony in which he was presenting the army-navy E award to the Pacific Bridge Company. This award is presented to companies in the industrial sector that have shown excellence in war production. Ghormley is the new commander of the Hawaiian sea frontier and the Fourteenth Naval District.

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