March 1, 1943

Canned Fruits and Vegetables Back

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Beginning today, the week-long ban on the sale of canned fruits and vegetables is lifted. The new blue rationing coupons are required to purchase these items. Each person is allotted forty-eight ration points for the month of March. Paul . O’Leary, chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), advises: “1) Budget your ration points…2) Prepare your shopping list before you go to the store…3) Spend your high point stamps first…4) Shop early in the day…5) Don’t be impatient.” Institutional users of foodstuff may begin registering for their allotments beginning today and extending through March 10. The blue stamps in the new ration books bear the letters A, B, and C and the point values 1, 2, 5, and 8. Coupons may be combined to achieve an exact value, but retailers are not allowed to make change in stamps.

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