May 10, 1943

Gestapo Chief Assassinated by Poles
LONDON, England—General Wilhelm Kruger, chief of the Gestapo in Poland, was assassinated on May 2, Polish officials reported here yesterday. Kruger, known as the “Himmler of Poland,” was the principal organizer of the Nazi terror campaign against the Polish people, directing mass arrests, deportations, and executions without benefit of trials. He was second-in-command to Governor General Hans Frank. Reports of the assassination indicate three men dressed in German uniforms waited by Kruger’s house in Krakow and opened fire on him with submachine guns when he exited his vehicle. Kruger was shot multiple times, but survived for three days, expiring Wednesday night, May 5. The assassins are reported to have escaped capture. The Polish government-in-exile here in London states a “directorate of resistance” in Poland has sentenced a number of Gestapo officials to death and that “these will be carried out.”

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