May 17, 1943

OPA Deems Vacations a Luxury
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Prentiss M. Brown, chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), today put to rest any hopes vacationers may have had of receiving extra gasoline rations. Brown acknowledged an extra allotment would improve morale, but stated that “…would be a luxury which we cannot afford in total war.” He speculated that holders of A ration stickers—outside of the eastern states—would be able to travel three hundred and sixty miles without receiving any extra gasoline ration by saving up so-called free miles. In eastern states, however, the allotment for an A ration sticker is down to one and one-half gallons per week, which is deemed sufficient for only essential driving. Brown also announced yesterday that A ration stickers may be renewed by mail beginning around June 22 for those outside the eastern states, at which time mail-in applications will be available at service stations. Easterners must continue using their current A ration books for an unspecified amount of time.

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