July 12, 1943

Civilians To Receive Less
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Beginning this month and continuing for the next twelve months, civilians will be allotted less butter, cheese, and most types of processed milk products, the War Food Administration (WFA) announced today. The WFA stated the outlook is based on projected production and may be adjusted after a period of three months. Civilian consumption of butter over the previous twelve months was just over two million pounds, but the current supply is just over one and one-half million pounds, leaving a shortfall of just under one-half million pounds. For every ten pounds of butter produced, the armed forces will receive one and one-half pounds, and one-half pound will go to Russian armed forces, leaving eight pounds for civilian consumption. Similarly, four and one-half pounds out of every ten pounds of cheese will go to military needs, leaving five and one-half pounds for civilian use.

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