August 30, 1943

Nazis Declare Martial Law
LONDON, England—Danish King Christian X has been interned and martial law declared in the capital city of Copenhagen by the Nazi commander in Denmark General Hermann von Hanneken. The order was issued at 4:10 A.M. local time this morning in response to the violent disorder and revolt in this tiny country that began about two weeks ago. As the Nazi crackdown began, Danish marine and royal guards fought Nazi troops as they assaulted the royal barracks and naval yard. Danish naval forces scuttled approximately 45 vessels, which is the bulk of Denmark’s navy. Nine Danish warships have escaped to Sweden. Denmark is vital to the Nazis not only because it controls access from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea, but it represents the shortest route of invasion to Berlin. Denmark had been ruled by King Christian X as a vassal state of the Nazi regime since 1940. The London Daily Telegraph reports today that the king is expected to abdicate as a result of today’s imposed Nazi dictatorship. 

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