August 23, 1943

WMC Says Shift Needed by July 1
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Yesterday in Chicago, the chairman of the Women’s Advisory Committee of the War Manpower Commission (WMC), Miss Margaret A. Hickey, stated that by the end of the year “…approximately one-third of all American women over fourteen years of age…” will be required to work in war industries. Miss Hickey also emphasized women are “…our largest single labor resource...” and said that would continue for the duration of the war. On the heels of Miss Hickey’s speech, today in Washington, Paul V. McNutt, chairman of the WMC, called for a shift of 2,600,000 million workers from non-essential jobs to war-useful jobs by July 1 next.  McNutt said the military plans to expand by two million by that date and “…these men and women will be drawn from war-useful jobs as well as from other occupations…”, thus creating the need for the shift of workers toward war-useful jobs.

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