September 27, 1943

Fireman, Engineer Killed
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.—A train carrying German prisoners of war (POWs) wrecked yesterday near here. The train’s fireman was killed instantly, and the engineer later died from injuries he sustained. Seven of the military guard, two conductors, a brakeman, and two prisoners were injured in the crash. According to Lieutenant  Colonel P.J. McGahan of the Third Service Command, one military man and the POWs were “…injured badly enough to be taken off the train and to a nearby army hospital…”, which is the new Woodrow Wilson general hospital in Staunton, Virginia. The railroad employees and the other six military men were taken to the University of Virginia hospital. The eleven-car passenger train was carrying the POWs from the port where they were debarked from the prisoner ship to an unnamed inland prison camp. The locomotive appeared to have derailed, along with a baggage car, tourist car, kitchen car, and three coaches, at a location where the road had been under repair.

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