November 22, 1943

Boozy Bird Incidents in Boston
BOSTON, Mass.—Today thieves made off with $20,000 worth of rye and bourbon whiskey from the Benjamin Motor Express, Inc., in Charlestown, Mass. The heist was of six hundred and sixty-five cases containing various sizes of containers: quarts, fifths, pints, and half pints. The thieves drove off in the truck and trailer containing the liquor sometime between 10 p.m. Eastern War Time (EWT) last night and 6 a.m. EWT this morning. In an unrelated and decidedly more light-hearted incident, a dozen turkeys made an escape from a poultryhouse in Boston’s North End today. The future Thanksgiving Day meals broke through a window in the loft. Four of the escapees were captured in the alley below, but eight of the fugitives remain at large on the rooftops of the North End. 

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