November 15, 1943

Penn. State System Starts Today
HARRISBURG, Penn.—Rationing of whiskey began today in the state of Pennsylvania. Consumer alcohol is rationed due to the needs of the military. The powder for a 16-inch gun blast may contain as much as 60 gallons of alcohol. The Pennsylvania state program allows a customer to purchase one fifth and one pint of whisky from now until December 31, however both must be purchased at the same time. The customer must have a valid War Ration Book No. 3 and register for the purchase at the same time the purchase is made. Nearly three million are expected to register across the state. The variety of whiskies available throughout the state has been described as fair, with approximately one hundred brands in warehouses along with substitute whiskies. This whiskey rationing is implemented almost ten years to the day after the repeal of prohibition, which was December 5, 1933.

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