December 20, 1943

Military Needs Rail This Christmas
LONDON, England—British railways are moving vast amounts of matériel for the so-called second front to be launched in Europe. American troops are arriving on a vast armada of 60 ships so filled the men are “strap-hanging” in the holds. Transporting this vast array of munitions, equipment, and personnel is placing a strain on the British rail system, and use by the general public is discouraged. As reported in the London Daily Mail, “This huge task underlies the grave warning repeated last night that people must keep the railway clear during the Christmas period.” Also reported yesterday is new from Washington that George C. Marshall, U.S. Chief of Staff, will not be the commander of the cross-channel invasion. Speculation is the task will go to either American General Dwight D. Eisenhower or British General Sir Harold Alexander. 

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