December 27, 1943

Europe Invasion To Curtail News
LONDON, England—War news from Britain is expected to receive greater censorship as Allied forces begin to amass for a cross-channel invasion of Europe from the west or the north. The incoming U.S. Army chief press censor, Captain Eugene F. Nute, indicated today that the military’s censorship program is being greatly expanded. The staff for the European Theater of Operations (ETO) has doubled in recent weeks to thirty, and that expansion is expected to continue. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the newly appointed supreme commander of the impending invasion of Europe, spoke today at a press conference from his headquarters in Algiers, Africa. The general said, in part, “We will win the European war in 1944…The only thing needed for us to win…in 1944 is for every man and woman, all the way from the front line to the remotest hamlet in our two countries [Britain and America], to do his or her full duty.” The press conference was a farewell to reporters as he prepared to leave for Britain to take on his new duties.

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