January 24, 1942

Production Ordered To Be Cut
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The War Production Board (WPB) today ordered manufacturers to reduce the production of radios and phonographs for civilian use to about one-half. Manufacturers have $2,000,000,000 in military contracts, and to fulfill this output the WPB ordered the cut to be implemented over the next three months. The military contracts encompass the production of fixed sets to be installed in 185,000 planes and 120,000 tanks, the targeted output set by President Roosevelt, as well as field radios. In addition to meeting needed military production, the cut in output for civilian uses will save an estimated 750 tons of copper, 100 tons of aluminum, and 3,400 tons of steel. The output reduction is graduated, with larger manufacturers required to cut civilian production more than smaller manufacturers. The WPB went on to say that this industry would be required to convert to 100 hundred per cent  military output in the near future. 

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