January 31, 1942

Question: Two Pants or One?
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The men’s Victory suit will soon be the haberdashery’s offering mandated by the War Production Board (WPB). The design of the suit is intended to save wool, which will be needed for millions of military uniforms, by reducing or eliminating the normal frills. Gone will be pleats, cuffs, and continuous waistbands on trousers as well as belts and fancy backs on suit coats. Suit coats will also be without the inside bellows pocket. Additionally disallowed will be a vest with the double-breasted suit. A question remains, however, if the new suit will be allotted one or two pairs of pants. Speaking yesterday, R.R. Guthrie, head of the clothing section of the WPB, implied his feeling was a two-trouser suit would be, in the long run, more aligned with the wool-saving aim of the program. He also said the order to clothing makers would be issued shortly after a design is approved that will save wool without leaving current clothing obsolete. Guthrie stated a rush to purchase the new Victory suit if it is deemed a new fashion trend “would be fatal” to the intent of saving wool.

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