February 7, 1942

To Crackdown on Hoarders
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Leon Henderson, chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), announced last night the details of the sugar-rationing program, under which the individual allotment of sugar will likely be twelve ounces weekly. Public school teachers across the nation will be responsible for issuing War Ration Book 1, which contains the sugar stamps. This places the program on a footing at the neighborhood level, not unlike the program for rationing of tires. Teachers were ordered to crack down on those who hoard sugar by withholding the ration. Today, Henderson announced the government is prepared to set the maximum price for sugar if wholesalers and retailers do not voluntarily keep rising prices in check. He went on to urge consumers to protest any instances of retailers engaging in profiteering, stating “In this situation, scarcity is absolutely no justification for price increases.”

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