May 23, 1942

WPB Gives All Current Stock to Military
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The War Production Board (WPB) yesterday announced all safety razors currently in stock must be delivered to the military. The order prohibited the sale of razors effective at 2:01 Eastern War Time (EWT) this morning. It does not apply to razors currently on retailer shelves, only to razors not yet delivered to retailers. The military states it will need seven hundred thousand razors each of the next two months. As war manufacturers seek to develop a so-called war razor with a plastic handle, the WPB indicated it does not believe rationing of razors will be required. The war razor is expected to meet the needs of civilians and military alike. March 25 last, the WPB ordered production of razors decreased to 70 per cent of the 1940 average and the amount of copper allowed in the manufacturer to 30 per cent.

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