May 30, 1942

Some in Congress Battle OPA’s Henderson
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Opposition to nationwide rationing of gasoline hit the floor of Capital Hill today as some congressmen with clout joined the battle. At contention from many oil-producing districts is the intent of gasoline rationing, which is to reduce the consumption of rubber tires. In response, Arthur B. Newhall, National Rubber Coordinator, stated he does not “…see any other way to do it.” At the same time, House Banking Committee chairman Henry B. Steagall (Dem., Al.) commented on the power wielded by Leon Henderson, chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), when he stated “…no such power as that man has should be given to one man.” The House Banking Committee was responsible for the bill that delegated powers to the OPA. The opposition in Congress is discussing a reduction in OPA authority.

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