June 6, 1942

Over 50 Dead, Missing Near Joliet
JOLIET, Ill.—The Elwood Ordnance plant near Joliet, Illinois, was shaken by an explosion early yesterday morning. At least twenty-one are dead with thirty still missing hours after the explosion. Many of the dead were so badly mangled that fingerprint experts were brought in to help in identification. The explosion, which was felt as many as one hundred miles away, occurred at 2:45 a.m. Central War Time (CWT). One building was destroyed, but production at the shell-loading plant was largely unaffected. Army Capt. David P. Tunstall stated there were no signs of sabotage, but the cause of the explosion is not known at this time. The Elwood facility is one of the largest ordnance plants in the United States. It sits on fifteen thousand acres of open prairie. Joliet is located on the Des Plaines River approximately forty miles southwest of Chicago.

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